~ ♬ Currently listening to music that triggers happy memories  ♬ ~ Septembrrr na woop woop! #afterlight #osaka
Today is a multiple cups of tea kind of day💆🙅🙋 #weekend #vscocam
Feeling like a champion ❤️ #keds #vscocam #fromwhereistand

Oh the possibilities with #hyperlapse 💃💃💃

The fault in our starch. (っ•́ ̯•̀)っ
25th Aug 201409:56
Re: Happiness #madewithstudio #afterlight
So I just watched #tfios movie (yes, just & on a weeknight!?) and I would like to thank “The ultimate shiba inu puppies compilation” on Youtube for calming me down. 10 minutes in and umiiyak na. Hahaha kainis! Thank god my ugly cry face didn’t stop Jim defending the tower/s. Gah my heart! Wow. 🙍💧❤️

I can’t say no to a trip to Marine Life Park lalo na when it’s free!Hahaha thank youuuu, Freector @nyarksyvic 😎 | Twins (2005-Present) (at S.E.A. Aquarium, Marine Life Park)

Sea Aquarium in a bit, Boyhood later. Happy weekend! *higher five* 🌵🌵
15th Aug 201421:24
Cheer up, beautiful people. ~ W. W ♥︎
15th Aug 201405:33
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