#Pentel factory tour 💛❤️💙💚 Sugoi ne! #vscocam #thailand
Because you get to keep the cute jars huhu yes :3 From tiramisu to confetti! Ahhh! 💛💛💛  (at The Tiramisu Hero)
19th Oct 201401:29
Oh hiiiiiiii, i’m back! ✌️ Brunch with new found friend @vdelamerced and twin brother @nyarksyvic ❤️ #vscocam #weekend
Let’s take a <br> 😴😴😴#vscocam #friday
Bugis - 1 | Diana - 0 💁 #vscocam minimalist collection, ang ganda mo. ❤️
Thank you for this bowl of deliciousness. Ramen. 🙏 

Jim’s back~ ang saya saya!🙊 (at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons)
13th Oct 201409:35
Tiny weekenders ☀️
12th Oct 201401:12
About today ⛅️ #weekend #frankiemag
It’s nice to be here pero sana no more haze 😷☀️☁️
8th Oct 201408:44
Behold…my latest impulse buy ~ a Hello Panda pillow! (or should I say “Pillow Panda”…hahaha,K.) In the words of the cool kids, “Ugh. I can’t even” Haha! 🐼✌️
5th Oct 201423:32
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