Celebrating 3 years in the sunny island! *throws confetti everywhere* 🎉🎉🎉
24th Jul 201401:17
Weekend! Weekend! ☀️
18th Jul 201422:10
15th Jul 201401:11
6 adults with matching children tablewares + intense rounds of Monopoly deal (aka best test of friendship) and Heads Up! Super fun night! Sa uulitin! ❤️#instax #vsco
7th Jul 201405:361 note
Love letters! 💌
6th Jul 201406:08
I found a sticky note from 3 years ago. I still like it. ⚡️
1st Jul 201420:50
I have a good feeling about July. ☀️ (at www.poppinprints.com)
30th Jun 201420:161 note
Hello @magpiemags! Here! Here! I got it a few days ago and it set the tone for my week. #flowmagazine as expected is overwhelmingly beautiful. *gasp* Thank you for the first dibs, the freebies and the lovely handwritten note. I bet you guys are suuuuuper nice in real life too! (Not a stalker…okay bye!) 😍 💃
I can’t wait for the weekend and be a human burrito. 💆
18th Jun 201420:50
Hold me. 🙋
15th Jun 201408:04
Opaque  by  andbamnan